How to use and which water wizz product should you use?

Water Wizz products are the cheapest, fastest and most fool-proof way of saving water in your home or business .It isvery simpleto install water savers but how do you choose the right one? The bulk of water usage in most homes happens in the bathroom, by and large it is showers that use most of our water.The current trend is to replace standard shower-heads for water saving versions, this is a massive waste of resources and unnecessary. Fitting an inline water saver or a flow control disk produces the same, if not better result - why throw out a shower-head that may have cost hundreds of dollars to replace it when your exsisting shower head can be more efficient? The same follows with most water savers please use the following as a guide.

showers optimal water savingbasin tap optimal water savingkitchen optimal water saving

  • Showers: inline water savers and flow control discs

    The bulk of water usage in most homes happens in the bathroom, by and large it is showers that use most of our water.A standard 12 litre per minute device will halve your water usage with little perciveable differnece to the user. A 9 litre per minute device will save more, and of course a 6 litre per minute more again , A 9 litre saver may have a noticeble effect and a six litre will have a percevable difference, this is of course dependant on your showerhead. A good rule of thumb is; if you have a large showerhead, say with a diamiter of 15 to 20cm use a 12, for the rest use a 9, we recomend a 6 for solar powered units and small showerheads.

    outside tap optimal water saving

    Water saving outside tap adapters

    A water saving outside tap adapter will do two things that are beneficial, it increases water presure and reduces excess water useage allowing you to more effectively target areas that you need to water rather than haphazardly dumping large quantities of water everywhere.

  • Basins: Water saving aerators

    Basin aerators are simple to instal and simple to choose, by and large basins are used for washing hands, shaving and brushing your teeth, in this instance choose a low flow rate, say an 8 or 6 litre per minute unit to maximise your water saving.

    Aerators and inlines are essential for solar water systems and instentanious hot water systems

    Fitting aerators and at least a 12lpm inline to are essential to the functioning of solar hot water systems, please be aware that for your hot water system to work properly you need to have all your tapware fitted with the maximum of a 6 litre per minute device. Instentanious hot water systems reqire a 12 lpm inline to activate water pressure driven igniters. If you are in doubt consult your plumber or send us an email.

  • Kitchen sink: Aeratorswater

    Your kitchen sink is mainly used for rinsing and washing the dishes manually, here we recomend an 8lpm water saver - bearing in mind that the lower the flow rate the longer it takes your sink to fill, a 6lpm might be too low a flow rate for you in this situation.


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