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We are the largest Australian manufacturer of water saving products. Mareg Water Wizz products will save you massive amounts of water and a great deal on your water bills, they are so easy to fit that you do not need any training and will start saving you money from the moment they are installed.

  • Watering restrictions for gardens in Brisbane

    Since 2009 grdeners in Queensland have been restricted to watering with a 9 litre per minute device, but how do you know if your sprinkler is rated to 9lpm? Easy don't bother changing your devices and fit a Water Wizz outside adapter which will limit the flow, boost pressure and stop your hoses from blowing off the tap due to back pressure.

    Queensland water commision

  • New residential tenancy act NSW

    The new tenants act requirea the fitting of 9 litre per minute devices in NSW. Water Wizz can provide the full set of devices for your tapware and shower to comply with this new law. Keep your exsisting tapware and fit a water saver!

    NSW consolidated regulations site

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